„Together we actively want to shape the future of the energy transition. We are a reliable partner on the way to a profitable and sustainable energy business!“

The Glood GmbH

We are a young, dynamic enterprise with a goal of an optimal and meaningful use of renewable energy. We think that the change that has occurred in the energy market is important and right. A responsible society should concentrate on sustainability and treat the natural resources with respect.
In order to achieve this we have to put even more emphasis on renewable energy.

Power-to-Heat can play a decisive part in bringing the energy transition forward. An energy market that concentrates on renewable sources first and foremost must be capable to absorb strongly fluctuating revenues in the production of electricity. The transformation of electricity into heat plays a decisive role in regulating the network. At the same time fossil fuels can be saved and CO2 emissions reduced.

advantages for you

The Glood GmbH currently exclusively offers customised solutions for the application of Power-to-Heat installations. We plan and install your customised facility built entirely to your specifications. Your Glood installation will enable you to react flexibly and to intercept the energy excess in the distribution network. You will transform this electricity into heat, save natural resources and get an attractive remuneration for your contribution to stabilising the network.

Glood GmbH is independent from traders of grid frequency control. If you are a trader yourself, we can offer your clients customised solutions. If you do not have a trader yet, we will put you in contact with a matching provider.

  • quick amortisation of Power-to-Heat installations
  • attractive revenue on the negative secondary grid frequency control market
  • increasing of the negative secondary grid frequency control potential
  • heating energy without cost
  • saving of natural resources
  • individual complete solutions
  • independence from traders of grid frequency control
  • full service partner for all your questions and needs
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • contribution to energy transition through grid stabilisation

Power-to-Heat pays off

How you can make money with a Glood installation.

our expertise

We combine expertise in the field of energy trade with a business know-how. We know the industry, we have the technical knowledge, and we know how to proceed after the technical implementation. We will find the optimal solution for you, from the first consultation to installation and marketing.

Martin Rechl

our team

our perfomance at a glance

Advice and consultation for operators of heating networks for a meaningful usage of Power-to-Heat installations

Delivery of complete Power-to-Heat installations, with an IT interface to the supervisory tele-control module of your trader of grid frequency control

On demand introduction to suitable partners for trading with negative grid frequency control under best possible conditions

Contact partner for market players or traders of grid frequency control to maximise the marketing potential of your customers


1. Projection

A technical feasibility study determines that your potential will be used in the best possible way, both energetically and economically. Based on the user profile and the features of your already existing facility, our experts will create a customised solution for you. A detailed project plan will be specified and coordinated by our experienced team. We will also be happy to organise an optimal trading on the negative secondary grid frequency control market for you.

2. Installation

The hydraulic and electrical installation will be carried out by qualified installers. We also make sure to not disturb or interfere with your existing working facility. If it is planned, we work closely with your technicians at your facility. In this way your technicians can become familiarised with the processes and technicalities involved and after handover they will be able to run the facility themselves within the scope of their designated responsibilities. On demand we deliver defined plans and necessary hardware components stipulated in the projects for self-installation.

3. Handover

We connect the Power-to-Heat installation to a supervisory tele-control module of a respective trader of grid frequency control. Then the facility will be thoroughly tested to make sure it is functional. After a successful test we will take it into operation. ​

4. Maintenance and Service

Our project management team will co-ordinate the process from the beginning to the end. In this way your will save time, money, and employee resources. After a completed takeover, on demand we will carry out regular maintenance checks and will always be at your disposal as a reliable point of contact.

What is Power-to-Heat?

who is suitable for the use of Power-to-Heat?


Power-to-Heat installations can be run in conjunction with an energy producer as well as alone through a network. This means that you do not need your own power station or another plant to produce electricity.

The decisive factor is that in order to be a part of grid frequency control market you must be able to use heat sensibly and flexibly react to power production spikes in the grid. Power-to-Heat installations would make this flexibility possible.

That fact alone that you are able to quickly absorb electricity when there are fluctuations in the grid will be remunerated with a service price. You will be paid a commodity price tariff for the actual purchase of electricity when there is demand. In this way a Power-to-Heat installation pays off quickly and becomes an attractive financial investment.


The marketing potential for electricity producers in virtual power plants can be substantially increased. As a producer of a virtual power plant you will be increasing the negative grid frequency control potential of your marketing pool. You and your customers will profit from the service prices and commodity prices that you will receive for buying electricity from transition system operators.

Do you support and provide consultation to customers who want to profit from the potential of trading with grid frequency control? With the Glood GmbH as a competent partner on your side, you can provide your customers with access to the grid frequency control market. We deliver you a complete Power-to-Heat installation and remain at your service as partners for any questions and technical queries you may have.

our projects​

Contact us and profit from our know-how!

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