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Electricity generation from renewable sources is a solution for the future. In our opinion, this is the only sustainable and reasonable way to protect natural resources and to act in the interest of future generations. The development of renewable energy poses new challenges for the German electricity producers. How can the grid frequency be stable when the production of electricity is becoming more difficult to manage and at the same time the appropriate storage facilities are unavailable?

Simultaneously we face the challenge of reasonable utilization of the current available energy potential. The wind parks are subsidised and yet the wind turbines are standing still – not only when there isn’t enough wind but also when there is too much. Energy policy focusing on renewable energy cannot afford this in the long term.

The idea that “energy from the socket” is too valuable to literally “burn” it should be re-valuated. The energy that nature offers us should be sustained in the best possible form. This cannot be solved by letting it be unused. Power-to-Heat virtually utilises 100% of the excess energy. This saves fossil fuels and reduces emissions.

The aspect of energy efficiency is less relevant in the case of electric current excess than in other cases because it only concerns a limited part of the total production that could hardly be utilised otherwise. In other words, the excess electric energy is not physical but it is economically less valuable as the same power in different times; the result being that there are fewer arguments against its usage for heat production.  

Dr. Rüdiger Paschotta
Physicist | Autor | Energy Advisor

A Perfect Accumulator

Sustainability as Responsibility!

We do, of course, wish to sell our installations and make a living. However, our business is a means to an end. We believe that this form of energy utilization is the right way forward.

With our Power-to-Heat systems we want to contribute to the energy transition process. We consider it the best answer to the issue of grid stability and local energy excess of renewable energy.

Nevertheless, it is important to remember the economic aspects for our customers. A system can only function properly if all parties concerned can profit from it accordingly. We think that Power-to-Heat can bring about a synergy of ecological and economical values of renewable energy.


We are convinced of the importance of our Power-to-Heat installations – economically as well as ecologically – and will be happy to provide you with a detailed written summary. With our campaign seal “Power Stick” we certify enterprises that support the energy transition by implementing our systems. As operators of the Glood installations you provide valuable accumulators for renewable energy. Only through this can the goal of energy transition be achieved.

You can use the “Power Stick” seal for advertising purposes without restrictions and enhance your marketing with the aspect of sustainable management. We will gladly post your initiatives on our homepage and support your company in positioning itself as a modern and ecological business.

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